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The Yangshuo Resort Hotel (Yangshuo Hepan Dujia Jiudian) is situated by the Yulong River and offers guests a venue to enjoy beautiful views of nearby mountains.Opened in 2009,this Yangshuo hotel hosts spacious,  river-view guestrooms.For recreation and relaxation,guests can read books,  enjoy a spa or massage,take exercise at the fitness center,  or play a game of tennis.Additionally,this hotel also hosts a playground for children.[View Detail]        

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  • David488
    Regret set this hotel has. locations away from urban is far, travel not convenient, staff of service attitude is poor. is to 70 age of in-laws scheduled of, night scheduled second days found locations not right elderly travel, call past how are refused to back, they also added said; alone back has, for are no. is not favors, on fear didn't people live as. father-in-law said to has by roadside room noisy died has a late didn't sleep good, second days requirements for room also fight has.
  • xgf9900
    Very good, next time you will choose this hotel
  • e00140484
    Unique natural environment, attentive service, clean credit and health management. next time the family again to Yangshuo holiday choice here, but I hope that will be more perfect the Western.
  • jason_cgx
    Really good, losing five-star
  • fayyu
  • jessie_wei
    A very good hotel, just check out until two o'clock in the afternoon would be nice.
  • e00722857
    All right
  • amonyam1980
    Environment is good, the service really is recommended when choosing high floor, nice view! look best when you check the room! swim ring off when you leave the hotel room, returned to the Union Hotel in Guilin, the results are not seen! eh
  • aixiao137
    Hotel reviews this time, not the ticket didn't make good I will not stay
  • janne2516
    Holiday hotel location compared by in room on great bathtub compared dirty black didn't dare bath out too not convenient in hotel in eat has two meal also is can for since driving tour! like we aircraft came of or on stay inside don't out or on only package a car this broken place (except views yiwai) is has car of Oh also has car driver said Yangshuo city only 28 car texi to cry no tears four or five km West Street back hotel a price 40 Hotels out of 50 for the first time to take her on two electric tricycles in short to make it to the car are lucky! if you are willing to risk the big Sun rides a bike that can solve the problem
  • laobe
    Just stay at the hotel waiting for staying longer, the service needs to be improved, the hotel itself is very nice, it is worth staying and can rent a bike for free at the hotel, feeling very good riding around the hotel, surrounding restaurants more, eat more convenient. highly recommended.
  • e00438584
    Very good hotel service, the next time you stay.
  • Bryan1901
    The ageing of the facility. not up to 5 star standards.
  • freemanxx
    This hotel the right five years ago, there was no room., and some disappointment, big room and especially the bathroom had a large space, but seem stale. Dragon River on the edge of the scenic. produced good restaurant in the hotel, prices are more expensive, is recommended.
  • bnuer
    Very happy
  • cy children
    Nice hotel unique quality of service due to drive driving tired ID forget sitting at the front desk when you check the hotel to eat in West Street got the call back to the hotel to retrieve the car breakfast also allows for a relatively small number of five-star little hotel dining environment but have no say with mountains and water well worth it
  • apple_li
    Hotel location is very good, in the scenic, staff were very friendly, the hotel is beautiful, this is the best hotel in Yangshuo, thank you, and look forward to coming again
  • pandongyun
    Very good resort, more suitable for taking children to live, the highlight is the balcony bed. but the slight inconvenience in travel such as hotel shuttle.
  • maolin510
    Very good, is the air conditioning during the day not to.
  • jesmine18
    Hotel's biggest advantage is the location, but lack of awareness of services, especially the front desk! can only say great hardware but do not feel the resort services
  • A2018928297
    Very good scenery is good is the quilt is hot
  • mimamimami
    Hotels in the long river, the window that is beautiful, it's great. reserved for MOM and dad, they travel there, said hotel services are good, says around round the hotel very comfortable, also you can see Dragon River
  • e00119905
    Environment fabulous, Dragon River, surrounded by mountains, a fairyland.
  • e01344481
    Environment first-class, can sat in river side daze, service General, breakfast varieties relative prices enough rich, room is big, window is River King, can sat in balcony Shang appreciate met Dragon River drifting of raft, bed more hard, sleep have not is comfortable. River opposite has a farm Le, can with raft took to dinner, price than roadside is, taste also good. General for, Hotel Park King is big, for du fake, environment level rod.
    Nice hotel, very suitable for holiday. but in the dining room the price is too expensive.
  • sunxm
    Hotel is big, environment very good, in Hotel inside are can shopping is long, is comfortable. think compared for since driving tour. breakfast although varieties not is more, but taste also is good of, staff service also good, make health of aunt are met are with we greeted, is enthusiasm. addition in hotel set of raft You Yulong River, has many hidden consumption, master about with we to photo, about and with we to eat roast fish, we eat has roast fish pay of when, that sold roast fish ofPeople still ask us master beer don't pay together and had a bad attitude.
  • e00149006
    Very good, is proportional to the price in all aspects, worthy of the price.
  • bobby983
    A good environment, services need to be provided. in particular the tea, hehe!
  • silverfiesta
    Preferred hotel of Yangshuo, and look forward to many wonderful
  • mxsunny
    Own bedding fade into sheets Wuss wanted me to lose money on a waste of my time to catch the train is Hotel scams
  • raya16
    Can also can also can also
  • pansy
    Overall impression is very good, very comfortable next to the Dragon River, very intimate.
  • e00031936
    A very good hotel!
  • dionysos
    Surrounding environment is very good, the hotel is close to the scenic area, front desk receptionist service needs to be improved, not polite
  • cynicxu1986
    Environment is very good, very comfortable, excellent service
  • tjrl272
    Location located in the Yulong River, hotel shuttle to and from Yangshuo, hotel staff friendly. Hotel layout slightly old
  • omega2046
    Hotel Nice, convenient, each area is very convenient
  • jialrs
    That's good
  • yummy1218
    Very quiet hotel
  • gaoooo
    The environment is good
  • f_j1981
    The overall feeling is still very good. child particularly liked night insects chirp on the corridor,?.
  • new007
    Door accidentally left his phone in the aisle, and remembered that in one hour, call the front desk staff helpful, quickly picked up her cell phone, nice! great!
  • sunit
    Nice hotel, big banyan is surrounded by strawberry fields attractions
  • mamawg
    Hotel room scene or landscape is good, du Jia hotel in very good. may I go to time fewer guests, some facilities are not open. hotel dining can be, and not too expensive.
  • Devin Yu
    Others lived in Yangshuo hotels will regret, but the mosquitoes so much on this side, only mosquitoes medicine
  • e00142861
    The recommendation of a friend, really good
  • swf45688
    Very nice hotel, quiet surroundings, fresh air
  • benxi3336
    Hotel is located in big banyan near, met Dragon River drifting ferry, hotel on in scenic within, landscape and building thaw for one, complement each other, sat in met dragon river shore coffee seat Shang on can appreciate beauty, can drifting, building Southeast Asia style, Gallery pool trees, a step a King, for elderly children such didn't want to too bumps of tourism. insufficient of at; lobby, coffee seat design too tall open, air conditioning can't using, hot and humid, is wants to sat in coffee seat drink coffee, appreciate beauty, unfortunately tooHot waste of such a good place
  • c51015
    Hotel location is very good, the Yulong River, walking hotel balcony you can see the raft River. There is a swimming pool, Super spacious drifting down from the upper reaches, dockable Hotel Wharf. inclined trees on the river shore, where some teenagers climbed about 3 meters dive.
  • e02893423
    Pretty good, nice