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Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin Hotel is located on the Yulong River of Gongnong Bridge, with beautiful scenery and mountains and rivers. Mr. Xu Beihong once created the famous painting 'Qing'erdu' here.
300 The 300-acre hotel is carefully built by professional teams at home and abroad. Each room has a large space of more than 50 square meters. You can see the raft drifting on the Yulong River on the balcony, and the clothes rack can be placed on the balcony to dry clothes.
The swimming pool is large, there is a shallow pool dedicated to children, and adults also have a considerable space.
It is equipped with banquet space and business center with advanced conference facilities, which can meet the business needs of guests. Book bar, fitness center, spa, sauna, traditional Chinese massage center are also good places to relax.
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FAQs when booking at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    Each costs cny98 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin?

    The room prices is from cny880, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • e00191675
    Environment is good, especially this season flowers is for I This lazy people stay in hotel which are without to, but a is toothbrush too hard has, himself forget with toothbrush with has Xia feel teeth are to off, too hard! addition room shower of small shower quality too poor out of water is mess of, wash up is not comfortable! because you price pendulum in that on cannot blame others picky, are is normal of views, you if 2,801 late guarantee is by these phenomenon are normal has, but 1280 of pricesNature truly, again not very cold air conditioning, which is bad! other people commented on the advantages of the hotel are true!
  • mmj1029
    Good location, beautiful environment, stayed for two or three days, of course, higher prices
  • JiaJin
    Hotel is located in the Dragon River, location was good, General hardware, very cold December day, daytime heating, fruitless negotiations, which is very disappointing.
  • cdy99207
    Is indeed the best hotels in Yangshuo, suitable for our honeymoon man pub, if price is slightly perfect!
  • jasonlee010
    A very good environment
  • baoyegu
    Around the hotel is great, next to the main attractions in Yangshuo, beautiful scenery, suitable for holiday. hotel has a free shuttle to West Street, very convenient. hotel also offers free bicycles can ride around in play, problem is too few locks, don't have a kid riding a bike, or bike with child seat.
  • e02956348
    Mountain River waters, very good
  • bobobo6
    Is a good choice for holiday-makers, lobby Manager service very professional
  • Alyssa
    Hotels in Yangshuo is currently best hardware
  • fionali0627
    Well not much to say, best hotels in Guilin, for a vacation, if you are travel adapter does not recommend this hotel was too far from the town, traffic is so inconvenient, Yangshuo, there were only 20 cabs, taxis hard, can't imagine hotel five kilometers away from the city will be 30!
  • deepspace9
    I like it here
  • liars
    Everything except too much good, but fortunately there is a free shuttle
  • super_xu1984
    Gang book, seems to be more high-end hotels, Yangshuo ... ... It's not bad.
  • juyang5
    Hotel hardware no problem, one open house, check out time is too long! Hall was hot!
  • silverfiesta
    Preferred hotel of Yangshuo, and look forward to many wonderful
  • Andyying
    Is a very nice hotel, Yulong River.
  • daifnegning
    I can said too Rod has did? almost missed so good of hotel, parent-child tour preferred Ah! picturesque Ah! breakfast also is good, hotel on in Yu Dragon River side Shang, bike to near attractions are is near, free of Oh! pool Super rod, we live sixth, floor a floor, balcony directly to swimming pool, live has two days tour has four times, two age of baby daily are shouted, to swimming to swimming! then himself open open balcony door on to swimming pool has!
  • DianeYao
    And we think it's great!
  • li680712
    Every time I go to feel comfortable.
  • longcard
    Good, good breakfast, recommended
  • lena_song
    Hotel is located in the beautiful ten galleries of Yangshuo, beautiful environment, good service, a little far from the county seat, a taxi is not convenient, premium compared with the hardware and mighty.
  • Hyacinth
    Environment is very good, ten Gallery essence in a hotel as you can see, condensed version. hotel for Dragon River, along the river walk, very pleasant.
  • Danny8888
    On the Yulong River, the environment really unique. rooms are spacious, hardware is also good, just find the prices too high, food needs to be improved, in particular Chinese restaurant dishes seem than out on the farm.
  • Laosuo
    Southeast Asian style, in the Gong Nong bridge, Dragon River Rafting can be drawn directly into the hotel. swimming-pool view is spiritual, a child who likes, there are free bicycles to borrow, you can ride ten miles Gallery, very close to surrounding attractions, worthy of the best hotel of Yangshuo, it is worth staying. hotels and river, mosquitoes are more attention to defense.
  • emilysmart
    A very good environment, next to the Dragon River, where highly recommended.
  • persila
    Hotel location is remote, but views Yi people, very beautiful of hotel, but management is disorder. service personnel no trained what training, but natural simple, is enthusiasm, but front desk didn't trained on trouble has, front desk personnel cold stiff. here management is mess, is said to have boss is Guangdong people, just save, not understand management, to save cost, so hot of days, actually human to will air conditioning close. hotel near Lake, if open with door mosquito small insect on are run came in has, Closed door hot can't NAP. 5 star, really speechless. toiletries is cheaper here, there is actually no comb, the waiter said it was to the environmental protection, once again silent.
  • nicoletse
    Hotels in and around Nice! Service levels are third-rate! poor attitude at the front desk (may work). I took the small Tea towel desktop sign, check out aunt nagged said no, go to pay 20RMB to me at the front desk, same experience as a customer of the day before. be careful not to dirty the hotel towels, and do not use glass.
  • arjun
    And we think it's great
  • GeForce
    Hotel location away from West Street car is need 10 minutes of, if wants to in Hotel solution lunch and dinner, is has is your of, we 6 big 1 small casually eat also to 600 above, so also is recommends outside eat compared deal. hotel environment also is good of, situated, balcony Shang are can saw met Dragon River drifting of raft a article a article after, inside also has a outdoor swimming pool, children very like. but Hotel other of facilities like tennis, table tennis, are is to chargesOf, so also no attempts to. hotel has bike free borrowed, but no 2 people or 3 people for family with riding of, but doesn't matter, hotel outside of road Shang everywhere are has, also with shade shed, so if with children not recommends in hotel take. hotel room also is good of, than larger, best of is has a airing hanger can put to balcony Shang clothes. hotel outside not distance also some soil restaurant, but taste are not how, we try has 2 home, a than aPoor. out from the hotel, ten in the galleries on the road, is big banyan tree on the right side, the left is the butterfly spring, were walking or riding your bike to discover places, but neither of these 2 sites.
  • adamydwu
    Scenery is beautiful, the rooms are good, service is far from satisfactory.
  • Mabruceming
    Pretty good hotel.
  • accwei
    Facilities at the hotel is very good, the environment is also very good ... but the front desk staff is too poor
  • jy144484
    Very good hotel! location some distance from West Street, but Hotel Shuttle is also convenient! nice!
  • dybmmmmm
    The Yulong River, tranquil environment, although few km distance from Yangshuo downtown, but very comfortable.
  • dani110080
    Nice balconies on the Yulong River, but further away from the West, although CMB roundtrip time is fixed for free, hotel charges, including taxi, dinner is expensive, staff not very passionate, personally think that hardware and software are not five-star standards, especially the Ministry of tourism is not a rip-off.
  • ice1103baby
    Good hotel, very good, very clean?
  • aaa8896
    Best hotels in Yangshuo,
  • Winter C,
    Environment is very nice, very suitable for casual, relaxed mood, the only two bad points, some socket contacts is not too good in the room, but feedback immediately after a waiter to strip, the second is WIFI slow, slow!
  • betterman31
    Hotel away from Yangshuo slightly far has points, bike need 20-30 minutes, hotel roundtrip Yangshuo of CMB is on time, for like quiet, and like enjoy hotel of people is for. hotel on in ten in Gallery scenic along, rent car bike riding line in ten in Gallery, feel is good. breakfast also can, than in Guilin district staying of big mansion hotel breakfast, around dinner are is farm dish, General. If summer outdoor swimming pool open Shi staying, will more rod!
  • awacs68
    Hotel situated at the Yulong River, to the picturesque and very comfortable, next time will stay
  • lin558861
    Read comments and the surrounding natural environment, not to have hope in service, but as a 5-star hotel services and hardware cannot be such without pursuit. 1. the rooms bathroom no bath towels, used towels do not know where, 2. balustrade there are cobwebs everywhere, is not a day or two to form!3. check that air conditioner is the Cabinet this morning, 35 degrees outside, sweating in the room had two bath can easeHot uncomfortable (I know hotel to explained machine to stopped a time, but see national has which 5* hotel has such of phenomenon, let customer live with so uncomfortable is you problem, explained only description you even professional are no has) 4. set room of when clearly see has free picked tasting hotel within fruits and vegetables Park of fruits and vegetables, but to has zhihou see tube garden of employees and Manager of faces suddenly didn't has mood, more funny of is that Manager also to questioned I of room, (asked East asked West),More than 1000 more a late room are pay has, is I wants to cheat you of fruit eat! since hotel provides has such of service, that on do have more free and easy generous some, or on don't do, lest effect customer of mood. 5. hotel provides of free bike really of to more broken has more broken. 6. Hotel Chinese Office except received 10% of service fee outside, outrageous of is water to 5 block a Cup, I wants to said you is more wants to earned this water of money.
  • jiangjun1842
    Hotels a year age obsession. Dragon River, surrounded by mountains, a scene step. the facilities are modern service. to guide choices here.
  • littleguo
    All right
  • mmblossom
    A view of the hotel itself is, service is in place, the room size is very large, bed King size, good hotel for holidays, highly recommended!
  • alfy_50
    Hotel is situated, is a unique hotel, rooms are very spacious, replete with bath and shower, the Yangshuo West Street Shuttle, very convenient, a good vacation to unwind accommodation
  • PCS000828
    Overall good
  • bendy.yao
    Said truth, feel is General, should not is 5 star's ~~ to of when, hotel door road, and no identifies! make to to turned a circle in! in stopped good car zhihou, to walk is long only to lobby! I set of is luxury River room, 7th, floor! from lobby go to, is to go is long of! General are set 5 star room of, but on this 5 star standard! somewhat objections! but relative Yangshuo this place, should is compared luxury of has!
    Very good, waiter service, welcoming smile would be better!
  • Sammigy
    That's good
  • falvee
    Hotel is located in the Dragon scenic area, the hotel has a free shuttle to West Street, traffic is fairly convenient, quiet environment. very nice, lived in the first floor balcony, direct access to the lawn outside, can see the Dragon River, the raft floated directly to the hotel dock. good service, left her phone charger, free borrowed a. pool well ... next time will stay.