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The Yangshuo Resort Hotel (Yangshuo Hepan Dujia Jiudian) is situated by the Yulong River and offers guests a venue to enjoy beautiful views of nearby mountains.Opened in 2009,this Yangshuo hotel hosts spacious,  river-view guestrooms.For recreation and relaxation,guests can read books,  enjoy a spa or massage,take exercise at the fitness center,  or play a game of tennis.Additionally,this hotel also hosts a playground for children.[View Detail]        

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  • cbl0101
    Hotel location is very good, nearby attractions, and close, within walking distance you can go to a quiet, drifting in the room can see dragon river raft, raft can also dock on shore at the hotel, very convenient
  • lirong197558
    Hotels in Dragon River on the edge of a very good environment, rice noodles for breakfast very nice
  • wen3864
    Reserved for MOM and dad, they travel there, said hotel services are good, afternoon tea was great, says around round the hotel very comfortable, also you can see Dragon River.
  • fangyuan1209
    Very beautiful hotel, very quiet, very suitable for leisure, the hotel also has car regularly between West Street, very convenient. or ride a bike a few minutes ' walk from the hotel to the Banyan tree and the Moon mountain scenic area ... hotel rooms, facilities good, bed was very comfortable. room terraces facing the river tributaries, the green hills and the mountains is really good! recommended!
  • e00191675
    Environment is good, especially this season flowers is for I This lazy people stay in hotel which are without to, but a is toothbrush too hard has, himself forget with toothbrush with has Xia feel teeth are to off, too hard! addition room shower of small shower quality too poor out of water is mess of, wash up is not comfortable! because you price pendulum in that on cannot blame others picky, are is normal of views, you if 2,801 late guarantee is by these phenomenon are normal has, but 1280 of pricesNature truly, again not very cold air conditioning, which is bad! other people commented on the advantages of the hotel are true!
  • roya2008
    The Yulong River, the scenery is beautiful, environment, Yangshuo, one of the best hotels
  • temler3995
    Great location, in the Dragon River, a very good environment, is the door are several graves, we are faced with bright, Super prominent wreath mother was upset.
  • devil6811
    Sanitation good! a little expensive, the Guilin rice noodles for breakfast is not good.
  • mavis-bobo
    All right
  • byaya
    Hotel environment didn't of said too good has! beyond expected of good! does can see River King! staff of attitude are is good met can active regards! night no entertainment activities is quiet for holiday! shortcomings is room of plug almost are is pine of phone charging only pulled lamp of power! bathroom of space is big but good waste Ah! on a wash pool left of table is didn't using up! sat will and shower too near toilet hold flexor
  • li9390
    The environment is good
  • ffffffffff
    It's not bad
  • fiona_365
    Environment is a great river, is the time we go to the swimming pool water too dirty, muddy, tap water was yellow, hotel bikes best with children, came here for a holiday home, after all, a lot. open bus master was so kind, helping on the last day where we opened the coach, help us stop to Guilin car!
  • mwmxy
    Hotel service processes need to be improved, Chinese restaurant dish generally
  • e01842493
    Very good hotel, good room, is the high price of the
  • June Stone
    Hotel of shuttle make up has locations of disadvantage front desk of service can but stay of small gift forget to we has small regrets breakfast does good environment is good but room sent of fruit slightly explicit mean room type of gap from fruit Shang on can see is let people think not patient oligonucleotide and patient not are does pool near recommends established locker room Tourism Department of service attitude is good also let children try riding has a bike children is happy waiter met regards isPolite as a whole was satisfied with
  • lastsaint
    Very good hotel, the area do not have to go to the Garden Hotel, very nice, is that air conditioning is not to force, and 36 degrees, no air conditioning in the lobby, the lack of air conditioning in the room, sauna, individual service employee's bad attitude, but afterward, hoping to enhance
  • Sinsia
    Environment is invincible, building high-end atmosphere on the grade
  • doupapa
    Which is very nice
  • weilingya
    Within the hotel environment. bike rentals Lu you (free of charge) will be back again
  • fanfc7
    WiFi signal is not very good
  • cindylla
    Hotels along the river grew trees and bamboo River view are not the views of the Yulong River. produced in the restaurant of the hotel well. overall feel expensive, no highlights, is the air well.
  • mondecao
    Hotel around environment very good, location also very convenient. shortcomings, balcony push doors no installation screens, this enough humanity, hotel front desk reception personnel attitude is stiff, Chinese Office produced General, but waiter attitude very good. breakfast Guilin rice worth recommended. has a very serious of problem hope Hotel attention, hotel sent of mineral water, drink of when feel has taste, later a see, inside also has sediment, hope Hotel aspects seriously check Xia mineral water of suppliers, mostGood to check!
  • gr9097111
    The hotel is very clean and nice hotel staff can make it three metres to smile and say hello, that elsewhere there is little Oh. around Nice on the Yulong River, sitting on the balcony in the morning you can enjoy the dragon river landscape.
  • RedSpider77
    In General, hotel, service is good! is the price a little expensive, and river view cattle far from the river! value.
  • e00179083
    Five-star standard
  • easton
    Old hotel, good location, quiet, close to attractions and more, on the Yulong River, rafting can dock directly in the hotel, very convenient, kids are saying next time you want to come over and play, but the management does have a problem, a free shuttle management is too confusing
  • E02321129
    Staying here feels quite comfortable, at 7 in the morning from the balcony you can see the smoke-shrouded landscape, beautiful
  • bbfwolf
    Rooms on the first floor is dark, slightly musty
  • cy0131
    Very good, next time will come!
  • e02994763
    Didn't have breakfast said. for lung wash.
  • xiegang263
    Good place for vacation, people in this land of Cockaigne
  • daisytsang
    The environment is good
  • e00121298
    Agents there defective dates cannot be modified
  • betterman31
    Hotel away from Yangshuo slightly far has points, bike need 20-30 minutes, hotel roundtrip Yangshuo of CMB is on time, for like quiet, and like enjoy hotel of people is for. hotel on in ten in Gallery scenic along, rent car bike riding line in ten in Gallery, feel is good. breakfast also can, than in Guilin district staying of big mansion hotel breakfast, around dinner are is farm dish, General. If summer outdoor swimming pool open Shi staying, will more rod!
  • d01024478
    Hotel is good, the rooms are a lot if idle should be good day and packed, traffic jams, breakfast
  • blioweiy139
    Basic satisfaction, more like Bali Pan Pacific, environmental home
  • anitaliu
    Hotels in Yulong River on the edge of balcony directly facing the Dragon River, great view.
  • coolcoolbear
    Nice from the Center are near
  • Hyacinth
    Environment is very good, ten Gallery essence in a hotel as you can see, condensed version. hotel for Dragon River, along the river walk, very pleasant.
  • olenrillyne
    Very very very nice.
  • E00230212
    Location very good, strong push
  • fantis
    All right
  • angelayuan_313
    Stay four nights, the room is worth four hundred or five hundred prices, value for money is poor, but public facilities, green spaces, flow through the Yulong River is a bright spot in front of the hotel, car may not choose to move, I am pretty high comfort requirements of the room.
  • Lulu Lu Lu
    Good feeling to the hotel is also very beautiful in winter as summer is like living in a painting
  • e00684025
    Hotel location, surroundings, views are very good, because for three days and had been raining for two days, there will be no outside attractions, stay at leisure, hotel room of chess and mahjong table has a problem, reflected the times, competent very unfriendly attitude, in the hope of strengthening management, improving the quality of services.
  • acenc
    This no said, is good. hotel facilities first-class, service enthusiasm, landscape must beauty, hotel rent bike holiday is good. on in workers ' and peasants ' bridge side ten in Gallery, big banyan, Moon mountain here. is restaurant dining your. also has we to Shi door road, rain muddy. shuttle access to West Street convenient. is good of a journey impression. worth staying, met Dragon River side views absolute beautiful.
  • emma0909
    Hotel with first-class facilities, the surrounding environment is very beautiful and looks very nice, service was good, worthy of recommendation.
  • eliyong
    Hotel environment is nothing to say, beautiful quiet-very suitable for pleasure, the breakfast was great-but! en-suite shower is enough, how can such a good hotel in such poor shower, toilet flush lock problem has been rushed, good to waste
  • lytiyuiop
    Hotel location is very good, ten Gallery Center, built close to the River, the scenery is very beautiful. bamboo rafts in the River because it is hand drawn, no noise, very quiet. (Small raft River is a gasoline engine driven, noisy.) Want more dishes!