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The Yangshuo Resort Hotel (Yangshuo Hepan Dujia Jiudian) is situated by the Yulong River and offers guests a venue to enjoy beautiful views of nearby mountains.Opened in 2009,this Yangshuo hotel hosts spacious,  river-view guestrooms.For recreation and relaxation,guests can read books,  enjoy a spa or massage,take exercise at the fitness center,  or play a game of tennis.Additionally,this hotel also hosts a playground for children.[View Detail]        

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  • g210007
    That's good
  • mrwangyuan
    In Yangshuo, a good hotel, hotel balcony was very comfortable!
  • crystatl
    Hotel is good in all aspects, especially the good people don't want to go. breakfast, restaurant very expensive, service personnel are very polite, and there is a waiter a bad attitude into the Hall, in short, like.
  • e00679101
    A very good environment, they want to find a place to relax-
  • elaineli
    Well, next time selected
  • babybear99
    So hotel
  • alecbin
    Rooms are viewing room, a very good environment, little water is swimming pool to swim in, a restaurant a bit distasteful
  • liliverio
    Very good hotel for family fun
  • e00249615
    Great Hotels
  • e02035527
    Environmental aspects are good, are the best hotels in Yangshuo, but mosquitoes a lot!
  • lionbj
    Very good, is unfortunately the air conditioning in one room could be the wind a little smell, hotel is very positive, is always can't eradicate.
  • gloriatangtang
    Visit with family rooms at the air conditioning needs to be improved, the boss is too stingy, regulation of air temperature is divided into sessions, sometimes nice, sometimes very hot. Mosquitoes very much. Good surroundings, tourist destination, air is very good ... picturesque!
  • dangege150
  • grassice
    Very comfortable price a bit expensive!
  • Eileen.wang2004
    Very good hotel
  • boris1980
    Environmental health air quality very good! worth it! next time you select here.
  • Moe Han
    General, environment
  • sportworm
    Good service, Nice.
  • lxt19910110
    Very recommended of hotel. service personnel of attitude very good, from front desk to sweep of aunt, huagong are is smile of greeted, can see have out is from inside of. environment no can picky. hotel face met Dragon River, back according to two a big mountain, big mountain very has Verve. hotel of design no very luxury, but classical type of building into has Guilin of natural, and not emergent, damage natural of beauty. hotel very quiet. garden everywhere can appreciate to Guilin of lava, although didn'tHas Lijiang River sat raft see of so style, but enough to enjoy to Guilin of beauty has. night in Hall of bar also is enjoy. right hand side of bar put with modern of music, has is make. we sat in left side, almost listening to not to. possibilities is hotel of staff's, in near practice erhu and flute, night increased has many atmosphere. breakfast also very good. has many foreign friends, atmosphere is good. Chinese Office staff service OK, has many foreigners side tastingChinese food and red wine. restaurant night almost nobody. may foreigners to China do not want to eat Western food. the hotel has free bike, can go around. foreign-owned five-star hotel of the city where she lived before, here are the best. stay here next time.
  • ray0412
    All right
  • i_am_vitamin_c
    A feeling of surprise in, service was very good and hope to have the opportunity to
  • accwei
    Facilities at the hotel is very good, the environment is also very good ... but the front desk staff is too poor
  • lao_mao
    Surrounding environment is great, once in ten galleries, more quiet than outside but the hotel, outside visitors too much mess. General internal facilities.
  • gwx117
    Hotel has a shuttle service to West Street, very convenient, rooms are clean, the environment particularly well, not doing anything sitting in the hotel's bar, looking at the floating raft drifting away, heard boatmen sing folk songs, is a kind of enjoyment, next time you go to Yangshuo, or select here
  • lennyandjane
    Hotels by the Dragon River, the scenery is very beautiful, think you can swim in the river directly. for a vacation
  • e03209907
    May is because is situated of holiday hotel, so slightly partial has some, many tour of car are not open to hotel door to received, must to out of to only can, to workers ' and peasants ' bridge, but not far, probably 400 meters around of like, Hotel Green good, because green more has so insect insect also on more has, spent spider I on see has many only. If is fear insect insect of MM on as let front desk arrangements floors high some of location, and a floor House inside feel good tide good wet. I think high some of floors better, in balcony Shang on can see met Dragon River, above will has many sat raft tour of visitors, lying in balcony of bed Shang, Sun with Sun, ornamental with opposite of views also is pretty comfortable of! hotel facilities also is to be improved of, see hotel of introduced, hotel open has probably has 10 years has, time also not short has, rooms within of hair dryer machine also to has been by with button to blow, somewhat like shortcut hotel of hair dryer machine, hope bathtub can added a shower sprayHead. the most popular deal is the hotel's network, not about, either slow or dropped, which we hope improves. is OK, service is also pretty good, next time you go to Yangshuo, should still be here! there is Yangshuo's taxis are not metered, all are bargains.
  • e00413087
    Good environment, good service, breakfast, good facilities
  • iliotge
    Best hotels in Yangshuo, no one.
  • jessie311
    In the Yulong River, beautiful scenery and people in the picture
  • canyxue
    Completely a service level and hotel star also has price not match of hotel, altogether set has 9 between room, 1:30 began 10 what people in Hall waiting for handle staying, this is a open of Hall, no air conditioning on forget, fan also no, we on so sauna with waiting for. questioned hotel front desk why no air conditioning fan of, answered a big heap nonsense, is saw total Taiwan counter within of ground has 2 Taiwan fan, immediately questioned front desk reception, you are know to blow fan, liveGuest on without has did? other no language. this where is 5 star hotel service standard Ah! more let people angry of is from 1:30 until 3:30 only handle finished 9 between room of staying, asked has many times are answered said no well health, continues to waiting for, but clearly see than we late of people are handle finished to room has, then continues to questioned, answered said is different room type. we really of no language, only helpless of continues to in 5 star hotel Hall sauna waiting for 2 head, everyoneUnanimously adopted it will never stay at this hotel again!
  • VIP-Peng
    Very, very nice
  • fanyujian
    Surrounding environment really well, rooms or air well! good service attitude! is a bit far from the town, recommendations, five star home.
  • aban33
    A lot
  • maxell
    The place did not have to say, every time you come to Yangshuo
  • jcc Yingying
    Very poor staff attitude poor Wifi signal
  • Nic McNair
    Very quiet, beautiful hotel for a vacation
  • e00960262
    Hotel in great location!
  • dfsafsa
    Location on the Yulong River, scenic spots around more. the hotel is beautiful, service is very good.
  • e00467975
    Hotels in Yangshuo is the best, drifting end, master to park next to the hotel directly to the hotel!
    Hotel did not have to say, like a natural oxygen bar! is a bit far from the town.
  • albet
    Hotel is on the Yulong River, overall very good, hotel shuttle can go straight to the West Street
  • MillerWang
    Hotel Nice hotel but expensive restaurant inside everything is expensive
  • e00540350
    Just come from the Starwood hotels, this hotel in addition to the bigger room, Nice ... Other really only 4-star level. air conditioning was terrible loud ... Was a river-view room, and no river of shadows, said this is the only room in the hotel, could not live with you ... really ...
  • longcard
    Good, good breakfast, recommended
    Facilities of the hotel is old, and services in General, cleaning is also very careless. location. the network slow!
  • acviva
    Hotels in the long river, the window that is beautiful, it's great ... to travel there, said hotel services are good, says around round the hotel very comfortable, also you can see Dragon River
  • engp5609
    Very nice, beautiful environment, although it is more expensive, but it's still worth ... the only thing is I live Deluxe view room view is blocked by trees outside the window. If there were no trees shade the scenery outside the window would be great.
  • jinxos
    Hotel is situated, is a long river in front and behind the mountains, the scenery is great, toward thousands of Yuan services and hardware prices, holiday is the absolute best and pure relaxation.
  • cilaba
    Hotels close to Dragon River, beautiful scenery, great environment
  • jmm1211
    Price difference