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The Yangshuo Resort Hotel (Yangshuo Hepan Dujia Jiudian) is situated by the Yulong River and offers guests a venue to enjoy beautiful views of nearby mountains.Opened in 2009,this Yangshuo hotel hosts spacious,  river-view guestrooms.For recreation and relaxation,guests can read books,  enjoy a spa or massage,take exercise at the fitness center,  or play a game of tennis.Additionally,this hotel also hosts a playground for children.[View Detail]        

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  • yunyi770520
    Very good, will come again
  • dribllams
    Hotel on in met Dragon River side, air fresh pleasant, building style chic. we live II floor, balcony Qian is swimming pool, room area also larger, we a to front desk, waiter on led we to has room, is compared partial, around also didn't eat of, only in Hotel eat. but away from next attractions compared near. to West Street has Shuttle, first 10 points around, most late night 22 o'clock around, shifts more. we is vacation to of, in hotel rest didn't out. is dinner somewhat your.
  • xianruideng
    It's OK
    Highly recommended, great environment!
  • fannytse2001
    Hotel of location is not convenient, around no eat of, no transport, although has Hotel himself to West Street of received connection car, but has time limit, and often car enough sat, set of river King room, but River King fundamental see not to, see not to, see not to (hotel to of reason is River side of tree growth speed too fast has, original is has River King of), free of bike is is General of Oh, good of that is to pay money of, service attitude is General's, and five-star of distance also is compared far... Only advantage is the dragon river rafting are the hotel sent a car to the upstream and floated in dock at the hotel's own Terminal.
  • idd007
    Live again.
  • JOmiemie
    Well, a price point goods.
  • yiting22518
    Very nice hotel next to live
  • jasonsuifeng
    Very satisfied, very distinctive hotel! beside the Yulong River, it is worth staying!
  • alexmaojun
    That's good
  • andybo1989
    Well, in addition to free bike is so bad
  • aisss
    Which is very nice
  • pandou2
    Mosquitoes, the hotel is so big, but may be the off-season, there is little available for entertainment, a little disappointed.
  • Winnie
    Are holiday houses were too nervous
  • gxl19821101
    Very good, Yangshuo is not worth living, bars are crowded all over China, Yangshuo is comfortable to live in the beauty of the River, the path along the River in the morning ride
  • e01676676
    Picturesque. fresh air
  • Amyyang96330
    Very beautiful resort, good location, good environment, good facilities, is not too convenient. hoping to boost the number of children's play facilities.
  • marygrace610
    Environment is Rod, but air very wet, bug many, was bite have is badly! except environment yiwai other should not meet five-star of standard's! in the restaurant than general restaurant your 50%, we also eat out has bug. hotel has himself of raft You Yulong River, away short and than Taobao Shang your 50%, but has a benefits is can free sent to drifting locations, then in Hotel ashore, for no drive of passenger. General worth near 1000 block of room
  • tbcbinger
    Hotel environment is excellent but too inconvenient without means of transportation to travel close to ready to travel, don't expect the hotel to help you in addition Shuttle, breakfast not flattered by the restaurant's service and dishes to great one please do not ignore hotels small garden with children leisure time pick vegetables had vegetable-big sister is very nice
  • adlibber
    Front desk hard, travel consultants in the 5-minute face in the consultation process have long asked 3 answers 1 sentence, spoken to did not look up.
  • e00057274
    A into room on was stunning to of hotel, people seemed moments rippling in met Dragon River River. along hotel of garden go go, or river side sat sat, feel yihou again to Yangshuo where are without to, hotel around is a step a King. hotel is located in ten in Gallery of optimal lots, in hotel around riding line, workers ' and peasants ' bridge near are is see sunset of perfect place. this because to to see Liu Shan sister and missed has sat River side static, sunset, left regrets. this hotel only insufficient is shuttle train too less, ShiArrangements are not reasonable, not waste time waiting for a bus.
  • cooldavidlee
    Very satisfied, the room was large, the three sisters had a lot of fun, good, mountain water, and look forward to next time
  • linda515
    Very good location and great service
    Hotel is located in met Dragon River, ten in Gallery scenic within, raft drifting down can directly in Hotel docked. rent car bike along met Long He riding line, is has taste. Hotel distance Yangshuo city several km, drive more than 10 minutes, is convenient of. hotel of room is big, hardware general good, but bed enough comfortable, and this price not match. more spent has dozens of Yuan, buy has a containing free car rental, free picked of ceremony package, this money is white has, actual signed a room, on are can enjoy fromTreatment of fees.
  • castaly
    Very good
  • byebyefly
    Nice, service is OK, but all the small quality up to the five-star hotel standards
  • Alan Bee
    Nice bathroom is open for breakfast can also
  • e06026236
    Sex in San Diego
  • derossiwei
    Environment is very good, service prices a bit high Oh.
  • gguanggun
    Hotel is very good. in addition to Banyan tree is the best hotel in Yangshuo. very quiet by Dragon River. environment, fresh air, health is very good.
  • ajinjiaagu
    Very nice service staff quality smile kind of natural
  • raya16
    Really good hardware, but software, especially the front desk, and earlier was short.
  • paulbourrell
    On a floating boat dock directly lobby!
  • cleao
    Very nice hotel, service was good, and each met waiter smiling, take the initiative to say hello to guests. environment and the perfect location, recommended. the only WiFi signals stability in the room was in need of improvement
  • yiyi777
    Hotel service very good, comfortable stay.
  • sterven
    Bed too hard type weird no privacy
  • ruru122
    How said does, price view Yangshuo except Hyatt Ficus best of hotel has, but a late more than 1000 more of price for, its price than big city even Shangri-La, Sanya such of equal price international big brand hotel for also is to poor. outdoor swimming pool is small, room bathtub no hot, socket are is contact bad of, WiFi signal Shi broken Shi continued. breakfast type not more, now Cook hot food only Guilin rice, fried egg only a poached eggs, vegetables salad actually only cabbage and yellowMelon two species, was shocked, even in Plateau mountains as Jiuzhaigou Shangri-La I also didn't see had so shabby of salad; coffee is big pot loaded of, taste also line. but Hotel home in the restaurant is accident surprise, price fair taste also can, in Guilin Yangshuo days, eat have most delicious of several meal actually are is this hotel in the restaurant, price also than door so-called of farm dish big row document your can't how many. stew chicken 881 copies, fish from 68-128 a pounds ranging, vegetables 38,Yangzhou fried rice, 48, shrimp egg ham has a lot of very large, kids love to eat. the room was nice, spacious and have a balcony and wash clothes racks are convenient vacation. next to the hotel is the Dragon River, drifting down directly in the hotel's private dock on shore.
  • e00556796
    Super praise! River hotel situated, on in met Dragon River downstream next, landscape beautiful, location very better, we live in a floor, in room within on can appreciate to window of beauty and drifting and had of raft. hotel breakfast Guilin rice delicious, pool children is like, hotel daily timing has to West Street roundtrip shuttle of car, is convenient. next to Yangshuo also will select staying.
  • carol-f
    The environment is good.
  • yang1075
    Environment is very good, family leisure travel, vacation hotels in Yangshuo has been very good
  • jiangyi18
    Good hotel, quiet and comfortable. but for the 1.2-meter of young children in the buffet breakfast is not clearly defined, and have had a few disagreements, I hope I can improve.
  • daniel17216
    Nice hotel but the price is a bit expensive!
  • MANBU163
    Holiday hotel in typical, very comfortable in every way, lacking is the gym, equipment rust, no towels and water service, swimming pool and no towel service.
  • CS2800
    Beautiful place, beautiful environment!
  • amandawoo725
    Traffic slightly inconvenience no shuttle words County hard taxi taxi also not playing table price 40 up environment is very better of play of facilities less has some service basic no on didn't see luggage Member came help moved luggage also no so-called welcome drink clean room also not timely also is call called has only to restaurant waiter is good addition as a five-star hotel room card if lost has to 50 block a Zhang I is drunk has
  • a645918631
    Angry! national day, living in a hotel insect bites like this. diagnosis for flea bites back in Shanghai hospitals directly! want to book this hotel please turn down others ' comments before guests are being bitten, bad skin and also with children is not selected.
  • gaoandy6789
    Clean, good service, food also very good, the hotel itself is a great attractions and galleries in ten scenic with great view
  • jessicarunjie
    Hotel next to the Dragon River, a quiet, antique, belonging to the resort. only three layers of floors, lobby is on the second floor, built close to the hillside. breakfast in a, well, eat in the gardens around the hotel can enjoy the dragon river landscape.
  • angelxl
  • cmbcmadong
    Hotel environment was is as poems as painting! sat in met Dragon River side, quiet see with raft slowly down, mood better and calm, as Deputy dynamic of picture. each room with balcony and airing hanger, room, bathroom are is big, clean, service also good! said said shortcomings: (1) room air conditioning really not to force, 7-August of people not know is how through came of, (2) room plug Basic are contact bad, charging hard. (3) hotel travel prices high ... earnedAccording to my conscience, so dark is hard to maintain. Dragon River Sunrise Pier to the hotel on shore, 260/raft, on behalf of the cab to Yangshuo town, 50 Yuan per trip, chartered to xingping town 35 km, 200 Yuan/times, and from 340, mountain bike 100/day.