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The Yangshuo Resort Hotel (Yangshuo Hepan Dujia Jiudian) is situated by the Yulong River and offers guests a venue to enjoy beautiful views of nearby mountains.Opened in 2009,this Yangshuo hotel hosts spacious,  river-view guestrooms.For recreation and relaxation,guests can read books,  enjoy a spa or massage,take exercise at the fitness center,  or play a game of tennis.Additionally,this hotel also hosts a playground for children.[View Detail]        

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    Facilities of the hotel is old, and services in General, cleaning is also very careless. location. the network slow!
  • acviva
    Hotels in the long river, the window that is beautiful, it's great ... to travel there, said hotel services are good, says around round the hotel very comfortable, also you can see Dragon River
  • engp5609
    Very nice, beautiful environment, although it is more expensive, but it's still worth ... the only thing is I live Deluxe view room view is blocked by trees outside the window. If there were no trees shade the scenery outside the window would be great.
  • jinxos
    Hotel is situated, is a long river in front and behind the mountains, the scenery is great, toward thousands of Yuan services and hardware prices, holiday is the absolute best and pure relaxation.
  • cilaba
    Hotels close to Dragon River, beautiful scenery, great environment
  • jmm1211
    Price difference
  • nicemomo
    Hotel lovely, picturesque, nice hotel seemingly passionate enough, service machinery, overall feel good, it is worth staying
  • grace wong
    Nice services can't keep up, breakfast very average
  • coco_w
    A very good environment
  • e00307577
    Nice room, everything is fine
    Hotel is very good, reception is poor
  • cogniglio
    Rooms at the time was too long, and three o'clock in the afternoon until four o'clock, front is chaotic, inefficient and booked two Deluxe River view room, only a barely seen Dragon River; the hotel nice
  • guaibaobao
    Hotel environment, fresh air, clean, staff very polite, have a soft restaurant products, free rental bike slightly dilapidated, KTV rooms may be small businesses, there are enzymes. overall is a good hotel for vacation, to Yangshuo will choose this hotel next time!
  • ipodmusic
    Little disappointed
  • avivacloris
    Hotel is so beautiful, could not bear to look directly at it! if the swimming pool and the river bar service is even more perfect! though not cheap, but good value for money.
  • adamyu
    That's good
  • Ming Ming
    Good breakfast, location in the city centre, on the Yulong river rafting on the Gong Nong bridge, also in ten galleries on this street, attractions, more intensive, quiet-
  • daisywang
    Although the distance from West Street, but the environment is very good, quiet, and go to West Street shuttle. really feels good!
  • mycountry1
    Hotel location is very good, very beautiful surrounding scenery, backed by Lijiang! book here be sure to spend a few days can feel it! next time I will choose here! attractions close by are poly Longtan, Banyan tree, near West Street! there is a free hotel bus!.
  • cinderella2005
    Quiet and peaceful
  • lucifergm
    Yangshuo's biggest achievement was in this time that hotels, elegant and comfortable environment. were covered with view to the hotel very comfortable. day went to Dragon River floating rafts, which had not found 08 years of feeling, commercially strong and totally unplanned, messy. continued to live at the hotel room the rest of the stay the hotel didn't want to run a host of attractions.
  • oneasy
    Hotel on in Lijiang River side Shang, away from West Street has several km distance, away from noise, in ten in Gallery side Shang, convenient bike travel. hotel has a is big of open pool, free of, is good. each room are has balcony, balcony has airing hanger, is practical. waiter intimate, rational, in Yangshuo is is good of. sat raft drifting can in hotel directly ashore, is convenient.
  • jiaoying
    All right
  • snowdrop2000
    Facilities maintenance of good, great resort, quiet, the air is good, the beautiful Yangshuo area lovely resort hotel
  • jy01820840
    Location, good hardware, bad software
  • intelmis
    Nice, in the Yulong River, value for money, breakfast and eat at Guilin rice noodles
  • jm86020
    Environment Facility good most of the services are quite good episode, but the Manager apologized in person or send a fruit.
  • georgia
    Staying for the third time, because only one hotel restaurant in Guilin rice noodles so delicious. location is quite good, but Dragon River water quality and management get worse. but hotel facilities are also needed to be improved to improve the gym only two or three pieces of equipment, swimming pool water quality is not so good. but to the Guilin rice noodles and beer fish value.
  • eric wan
    Worth recommending!
  • applili
    Environment around the hotel, but the service is accompanied not the price. the bed was a bit damp, and can still understand. three to told me the hotel room not ready., about 40 minutes. things in the refrigerator charge silently. when checking out the waiter took out price list to know the fees out of the drawer.
  • Ruiting
    A very good environment, service, first-class facilities, maintenance is poor, the baby chair is bad, it's bad, a bit mouldy bathroom tile no rub, bed a little surge may be due to local climate, poor breakfast variety could be reasons. Flex cooling racks like a hotel room.
  • applexx
    Nice, more suitable for leisure vacations, a little bit far from West Street, the hotel offers free bicycles and shuttle, just car on the grid interval is a little long, free bike can't take kids need to pay rent, for we feel is not very convenient to travel with small children!
  • lx104150888
    The environment is good
  • asa2010
    Family travel, traffic fine, very satisfied, good
  • ameli
    A very good environment, surface water of the mountain, the air is quiet! rain when we came! Selling stuff is expensive! breakfast is not very good!
  • ja932103
    Hotel is quiet, flowers General is elegant! time sufficient of, with has elderly to of can consider to, but a floor of House has a unit light of tide taste, has mosquito, room inside compared intimate, has Cha mosquito bites of wind, has fresh fruit, has Kung Fu tea! children like feed fish, sat hotel of battery access hotel also is excited! Hotel sent of tea coupons useless sent Shang used, tea of price not high. in Hotel sat battery Shi SLR camera off in has car Shang,To scenic remembered, immediately called the front desk, hotel is said to have helped us keep well, a heart hanging down, touched felt warm!
  • ml1966
    Very good
  • cwd128
    Very good hotel, particularly America, Dragon River, next to Yangshuo can also choose here. children's slides, directly with children to choose rooms on the first floor near the slide, can be pushed open the door to the balcony on the grass, not far away from the slide, took the kids and too convenient. breakfast is also very good.
  • loseow
    Hotel is on the Yulong River, view class, at the 6th-floor next to swimming pools, swimming is very convenient, out from the balcony is, room amenities, restaurant prices are high but the service is good, breakfast great.
  • liyu2004558
    Really good hotel, beautiful environment, excellent service, also offers free bicycles, too sweet. ~
  • M05751400
    Really good, it is worth staying
  • goodbye-mylove
    Location is good, Pan Zhuang Yulong River, scenic rivers, unique location. the hotel design and decorative style, service, and health conditions are good.
  • cli1173
    Hotel is large, relying on the Yulong River, the environment is very good. swimming pool is very beautiful, balcony on the first floor is swimming pool. rent a bike ride in the hotel is good, there are gardens, where guests can pick. breakfast, Guilin rice noodles are delicious.
  • dybmmmmm
    The Yulong River, tranquil environment, although few km distance from Yangshuo downtown, but very comfortable.
  • seaweed83
    Nice flowers and trees praise!
  • gf0307
    Corporate travel, because you don't want to run a host of attractions, so I picked a good hotel, want to relax, results live only, not the worst. First of all, the location of the hotel was convenient, of course, this is for driving, it is not so convenient if you don't have a car. Secondly, the environment of the hotel is very nice, quiet, green, and the Dragon River, just sit and read a book in the hotel lobby is also very comfortable. Apart from the two points mentioned above, otherAre not satisfied. Big room, good bathroom, bed very hard, others can say is common, personally think that wasn't good enough for the overall positioning of the hotel. The four-room, and noticed that all the room doors have problems, cannot be closed automatically, to pull to shut when closed, arrived almost not closing out on the first day, the alarm is not obvious. Other hotel services cannot agree. one-room toilet flushProblem, until away from shop, also no get completely solution; live has two days, has a between room of card second days on has failure, playing to front desk let to door, results waiter open finished door turned on go, new of door card completely no anyone mention; live two days of feel is, front desk very of waste, as long as is involves need front desk independent judge processing of things, on, with angry's, basic is equal to wasted strength, waiter of communication capacity completely is equal to zero. check out of when found has aManager of employee, working fairly quickly, ordinary staff professionalism not worthy of five-star hotels; Try the restaurant, Hainanese chicken and chicken curry is very bad! other didn't try not to evaluate the other cannot be said to be faults, personal experiences, what food did not lobby bar of the hotel, ordering a cup of watermelon juice at night, drank it no longer wanted to continue, and 88/person afternoon tea, 10 bucks more expensive than another famous hotel. Total, As a five-star hotel in a price is not cheap, the environment alone is not enough, 1000 and 2000 of the Banyan tree by the River, next time you will not have any hesitation selected Banyan tree.
  • leon2003
    Environment nice, beautiful scenery, travel accommodation suitable for the whole family!
  • wgf2156
    From Yangshuo downtown a little far but not far, a very good environment. Dragon River, restaurant good. rooms are comfortable ... service was good, with children is also very convenient.
  • olina22
  • e00075832
    Very beautiful hotel parking is very convenient in the Guilin rice noodles nice restaurant, good breakfast