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The Yangshuo Resort Hotel (Yangshuo Hepan Dujia Jiudian) is situated by the Yulong River and offers guests a venue to enjoy beautiful views of nearby mountains.Opened in 2009,this Yangshuo hotel hosts spacious,  river-view guestrooms.For recreation and relaxation,guests can read books,  enjoy a spa or massage,take exercise at the fitness center,  or play a game of tennis.Additionally,this hotel also hosts a playground for children.[View Detail]        

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  • e00684025
    Hotel location, surroundings, views are very good, because for three days and had been raining for two days, there will be no outside attractions, stay at leisure, hotel room of chess and mahjong table has a problem, reflected the times, competent very unfriendly attitude, in the hope of strengthening management, improving the quality of services.
  • acenc
    This no said, is good. hotel facilities first-class, service enthusiasm, landscape must beauty, hotel rent bike holiday is good. on in workers ' and peasants ' bridge side ten in Gallery, big banyan, Moon mountain here. is restaurant dining your. also has we to Shi door road, rain muddy. shuttle access to West Street convenient. is good of a journey impression. worth staying, met Dragon River side views absolute beautiful.
  • emma0909
    Hotel with first-class facilities, the surrounding environment is very beautiful and looks very nice, service was good, worthy of recommendation.
  • eliyong
    Hotel environment is nothing to say, beautiful quiet-very suitable for pleasure, the breakfast was great-but! en-suite shower is enough, how can such a good hotel in such poor shower, toilet flush lock problem has been rushed, good to waste
  • lytiyuiop
    Hotel location is very good, ten Gallery Center, built close to the River, the scenery is very beautiful. bamboo rafts in the River because it is hand drawn, no noise, very quiet. (Small raft River is a gasoline engine driven, noisy.) Want more dishes!
  • AngelaGu
    Hotel facilities also can, met dragon river landscape environment good, Western breakfast 981 bit, on Guilin rice delicious, other not I to. hotel location remote, sat Lijiang River cruise from Guilin came of boat directly playing of, don't like we also sat has 15 Yuan a bit of battery to Yangshuo Park again sat 14:30 of hotel CMB to hotel. front desk do staying efficiency is poor, and is sat with Office, let guest station with, like in political ZF sector do, staying of is luxury River King room, inThe third floor, with balcony, nice, Windows is a whole big glass, looking like a picture, this very nice?, if you do not want to take a taxi, hotel China Motor Bus to Yangshuo is still pretty much in time, but Liu sanjie nine o'clock until the end of the first 22:30, with children is not easy, had to back 40 hotels
  • jrt_921130
    Which is very nice.
  • cricetid
    Room damp, insect bites stay one night, hotel in addition to the scenery is good, all other services can't keep up, originally set for three nights, check out a day early, strong received a night at the hotel, bad bad bad!
  • boying45
    Location slightly, but nice, since driving is easy. but room facilities personally feel that the high price of just over 1000.
  • mrover
    As always, good
  • dingding_mama
    Super satisfaction! my son wants to go, hotels in and around the picturesque!
  • e01256297
    Good location, great view, will stay again.
  • ggloam
    Zero distance of the Yulong River, has its own drift ashore Terminal
  • alanai
    Hotel is great, the service is also very good, but the restaurant is very expensive service is not good, we drive to town to eat pretty well, overall very good
  • tony32
    quiet and comfortable, easy access to points of interest in the area. a little pricey yet, seems to be better value than what you might pay in other areas and get less. pool is nice, relaxing. tour service is quite helpful and easy to talk with (english)
  • alice_wang
    Hotel room was a nice view
  • neling
    Nice environment.
  • leow726
    Dragon River on the edge of a five-star hotel, Yulong River of silence in the morning, the noise of the afternoon feeling Dragon River
  • andymwleung
    Price is a bit expensive, but really good! also has a free bike ride. There are swimming pools, though the water is very shallow.
  • cloud0818
    Overall pretty good, good surrounding environment, service, room is a bit old.
  • e02571316
    Family travel, everyone was like, good, nice hotel facilities is very good, very clean
  • coldcold
    All are good, and worth living.
  • may0520
    Nice, don't know if it's because of Chinese new year, especially expensive to eat
  • print
    To Yangshuo recommended this hotel, away from lively of West Street, mountain feet, met Dragon River side, views is extreme has, this is prices not cheap, facilities General like of reasons has, hotel of environment can ignored other. to Yangshuo shopping West Street sat drifting, actually West Street really didn't what good shopping of, basic each tourism attractions of shopping are similar, occasionally try local features just. in hotel in is holiday of feel, hotel also can directly reservation met Dragon River drifting, ashore on can directlyHotel, sitting in a coffee and bask in the Sun by the river. hardware handout of the hotel really is very general, but comfort is a small balcony provides racks, breakfast very rich taste good. Hotel Shuttle point to and from the West Street, very convenient. come again to live here
  • ljllove123
    Nice hotel, very good breakfast, nice place for vacation, is that the price is a little bit higher, but also good value for money
  • e00140248
    Hotel on the Yulong River, distance from West Street, but that far from the heartland, also far away from noisy ... Nice, very nice
  • dbe0419
    Poor service!
  • lili0520nn
    Very good service, good hardware, the only price is a bit high, and price is not very high.
  • anyobu
    Very good hotel, big rooms, comfortable, close to the Dragon River. the breakfast is very good, especially recommended Guilin rice noodles.
  • paradoxjias
    Well, next time, this is also the hotel, hoping to offer some
  • MacSilver
    Geographical is good, on in met Dragon River side. this holiday coincides with the tomb-sweeping day, since driving tour to of, front desk began to of 2306 room, at also asked has sentence room location how? away from lobby far you? answered not far not far. we drag with luggage, pulled with children, sweat (day temperatures 34 degrees), asked has 2 a waiter, finally to has room door a see around ring Jing, NIMA! room door opposite are on with a new of, greatly of graves! around placed with several big spentRing! and even more terrifying is the coffin had not buried! on or placed in a small mound! distance less than 10 meters from the room the door! the room can you live? and finally understand why the answer waiter in finding a room with a touch of strange laugh. (All employees commute into and out of the hotel through the front of the hotel is absolutely see this road) at the front desk when you ask if they mind not in advance? (Maybe some people really don't mind) such a room arrangementTo a with children staying of family for, dark zhihou also dare out you? angry to to and front desk theory zhihou, only to for has room. this hotel known as five-star, but outdoor swimming pool didn't open, said to to May, regardless of day temperatures is 34 degrees. also no indoor swimming pool. better foreigners and like swimming of people only in full is leaves of pool in swimming. breakfast varieties less-
  • linxinrui76
    Really nice yard
  • eloy1216
    Very good, very beautiful!
  • e00148854
    Living in the Yulong River, surrounded by mountains ten galleries embrace, fresh air to the very, very suitable for slow-paced family fun, there is a fixed time of trains to and from West Street, You Yulong River is a must in the hotel can arrange a car to Sun Pier and swam directly to the hotel dock!
  • MrCavan
    Hotel cordial, hotel elegant and beautiful environment, and free bicycles to borrow and shuttle bus to West Street ... will definitely choose this hotel again next time.
  • nb360
    Well, in the Yulong River
  • alan Joy
    Very good good good good good good good
  • lili141242
  • lilian2009
    All right
  • PCS000828
    Overall good
  • tcw65
    This is the most satisfied with this trip to Guilin and Yangshuo hotels. living room opened the balcony door and you will see the Yulong River flows quietly, moving across the front rows of bamboo rafts on the River, very quiet escape! kids happy, Oh, pool was great!
  • artemus
    Hotel good location pleasant room good room service also is the front desk service was not keeping up
    Cheap and good
  • fannyng729
    Hotels in Yulong River on the edge of West Street is a bit far, but Nice is to shuttle
  • joycelili
    Quiet and comfortable, natural oxygen bar! hotel facilities are complete, the next preferred!
  • barefoot
    Very good hotel!
  • ellenbaby
    In ten galleries on the edge and the scenery is very beautiful, inside of the restaurant is not cheap
  • ccxxloveyy
    Very good hotel, located in Yang Shuo Dragon River, hotel yard, patchwork, special service very attentive waiter in front behind the door in place, highly recommended.
  • colorofsnow
    Best hotels in Yangshuo, perfect location and the environment!
  • e00240939
    Quite wrong if the price reduction will be complete.