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The Yangshuo Resort Hotel (Yangshuo Hepan Dujia Jiudian) is situated by the Yulong River and offers guests a venue to enjoy beautiful views of nearby mountains.Opened in 2009,this Yangshuo hotel hosts spacious,  river-view guestrooms.For recreation and relaxation,guests can read books,  enjoy a spa or massage,take exercise at the fitness center,  or play a game of tennis.Additionally,this hotel also hosts a playground for children.[View Detail]        

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  • seaweed83
    Nice flowers and trees praise!
  • gf0307
    Corporate travel, because you don't want to run a host of attractions, so I picked a good hotel, want to relax, results live only, not the worst. First of all, the location of the hotel was convenient, of course, this is for driving, it is not so convenient if you don't have a car. Secondly, the environment of the hotel is very nice, quiet, green, and the Dragon River, just sit and read a book in the hotel lobby is also very comfortable. Apart from the two points mentioned above, otherAre not satisfied. Big room, good bathroom, bed very hard, others can say is common, personally think that wasn't good enough for the overall positioning of the hotel. The four-room, and noticed that all the room doors have problems, cannot be closed automatically, to pull to shut when closed, arrived almost not closing out on the first day, the alarm is not obvious. Other hotel services cannot agree. one-room toilet flushProblem, until away from shop, also no get completely solution; live has two days, has a between room of card second days on has failure, playing to front desk let to door, results waiter open finished door turned on go, new of door card completely no anyone mention; live two days of feel is, front desk very of waste, as long as is involves need front desk independent judge processing of things, on, with angry's, basic is equal to wasted strength, waiter of communication capacity completely is equal to zero. check out of when found has aManager of employee, working fairly quickly, ordinary staff professionalism not worthy of five-star hotels; Try the restaurant, Hainanese chicken and chicken curry is very bad! other didn't try not to evaluate the other cannot be said to be faults, personal experiences, what food did not lobby bar of the hotel, ordering a cup of watermelon juice at night, drank it no longer wanted to continue, and 88/person afternoon tea, 10 bucks more expensive than another famous hotel. Total, As a five-star hotel in a price is not cheap, the environment alone is not enough, 1000 and 2000 of the Banyan tree by the River, next time you will not have any hesitation selected Banyan tree.
  • leon2003
    Environment nice, beautiful scenery, travel accommodation suitable for the whole family!
  • wgf2156
    From Yangshuo downtown a little far but not far, a very good environment. Dragon River, restaurant good. rooms are comfortable ... service was good, with children is also very convenient.
  • olina22
  • e00075832
    Very beautiful hotel parking is very convenient in the Guilin rice noodles nice restaurant, good breakfast
  • e00179869
    Very good hotel, very satisfied. the taxi to the hotel, Yangshuo, is black
  • ly6172
    Very good hotel, the rooms are big enough, breakfast is less to recommend it to a friend.
  • lydlgn
    Bad season, heavy rains every day, hotels in hillside, so the next rain, pavement is a yellow mud water, and fly a lot, breakfast variety and few, but the Green is good, tree-lined-is hot and humid
  • e00568284
    The five-star, first-class
  • allenyww
    All right
  • Suega
    Very good! be quiet!
  • baby421
    Environment is good, but may is County District of 5 star, service attitude not is good,. room equipment than up Guilin urban of 5 star also is somewhat gap of. TV channel not more and somewhat spent. this hotel is views compared good, other away from 5 star some gap. also has is may hotel in river side, feel quilt, somewhat tide, not is of dry.
  • Anitasongg
    Hotels in the Yulong River, moisture is relatively large.
  • free_wang
    Environment is very good, but the river view was obscured by the trees. fun vacation great!
    Environment of the hotel is great, close to the most beautiful Lijiang River in Yulong River, enjoy the poetic painting, fascinating
  • allenwrs
    Excellent facilities, great atmosphere, but a complete set of services is very bad, no matter what the front desk, restaurant, is a black face, eating breakfast because there is no child tickets, signing children you want coupons, the waiter has always followed you are speechless! decided not to live next time!
  • callaou
    Hotel is good, is the high price point, at a distance from the business district a bit far
  • starrying
    Environment is very good, breakfast was really bad, so I am very surprised, not in direct proportion to Ah!
  • lsduw
    Hotel is located in the beautiful Dragon River scenic area, environment, facilities are also very complete. awesome?! Is one of the best hotels in Yangshuo.
  • simon911213
    The hotel location is invincible, the Yulong River, environment was beautiful, service was good, like, this is the third time I stay at this hotel again.
  • Isabel_ren
    On the Yulong River, swimming pool facing the mountain and river, the scenery is beautiful, a beautiful landscape, the road into the hotel entrance is not obvious, it is easy to pass by.
  • broombear
    Service is very good, a very good environment, there is a free shuttle to West Street, but not much. breakfast, kind tastes very ordinary. hotel lobbies do not know why not turn on the air conditioner, check-in and check-out time to die.
  • CrissAngel
    Hotels in the long river, the window that is beautiful, it's great. room smells not very fresh, damp air. furniture look is not very clean. decorating style well, overall is a recommended hotel.
  • cnsjtu
    Surrounding area very well, the overall style of the Republic wind, a kind of cross Feeling. high-end atmosphere the hotel grade, service is in place, it is worth staying and introducing others
  • ayanla
    External environment is very good, is the most comfortable hotel in Yangshuo stay.
  • Advicer
    Nice, convenient, the air is good, quiet, good health
  • baixuan_xiong
    So good hardware and General software. Hey!
  • pyuan3
    Is satisfaction! environment first-class, did not say, backer linhe, hotel building Shun River arranged, about has 200 meters of private River. building, room design material first-class, contemporary which should be. big bed room area is big, with views King balcony, especially balcony also has a Zhang bed (big bed), can by with views King leisure. insufficient has three; part appliances somewhat years has, feel somewhat old; breakfast quality General, unworthy five-star, actually also has flies and small bug in food disc Shang fly (night of Chinese pourIs produced very good, taste good.); Service team is not strictly formal training, have a small gap with foreign service. overall satisfaction, the price does not exceed 1000 will take this, location great! from the Sunrise Pier near, you can enjoy to the Gong Nong bridge that the drifting or ride a beautiful rural scenery!
  • belindawu
    The rooms at the quilt to replace the feeling not so wet
  • lgywin3000
    Not so good
  • lori0823
    Even in the rain can't float, shoot photos in the hotel was excellent
  • alec_007
    Air conditioning not to force sleep sweating, mattress a little softer pillow a soft, barely sleeping. but the breakfast was excellent, nice around, travel convenience.
  • linny2099
    Also is can's! and Guilin White Mansion than also is service not too home! may he here live of people compared more! White Mansion no so more service on compared in place! whole hotel also is big! also has a shortcomings is I to had of five-star hotel only sent meal to room only need received service fee! but Yangshuo River holiday hotel even to to restaurant dining are also to received service fee! this cannot understanding! was meal products of price on has enough your of has! also to received service fee somewhat had has! people areRestaurants don't need your waiter service! you say room needed side dishes need to walk to the room even! you in the dining room and what can I do! the services is not the same as eating out! is the Wi-Fi signal a difference! may in the mountains! this problem than the city even! otherwise nothing wrong!
  • liwagogo
    Scenery of the hotel is impeccable, is the service still needs to improve, especially the reception staff attitude. around 7:30 A.M. on April 8, guest when visiting the restaurant for breakfast at the front desk, front desk personnel not looking up, back to the opposite direction. it is hoped that improved.
  • pc00888
    Environment and first-class service. very good. parent-child trip. the Dragon River. the enjoyment of travel.
  • cbl0101
    Hotel location is very good, nearby attractions, and close, within walking distance you can go to a quiet, drifting in the room can see dragon river raft, raft can also dock on shore at the hotel, very convenient
  • lirong197558
    Hotels in Dragon River on the edge of a very good environment, rice noodles for breakfast very nice
  • wen3864
    Reserved for MOM and dad, they travel there, said hotel services are good, afternoon tea was great, says around round the hotel very comfortable, also you can see Dragon River.
  • fangyuan1209
    Very beautiful hotel, very quiet, very suitable for leisure, the hotel also has car regularly between West Street, very convenient. or ride a bike a few minutes ' walk from the hotel to the Banyan tree and the Moon mountain scenic area ... hotel rooms, facilities good, bed was very comfortable. room terraces facing the river tributaries, the green hills and the mountains is really good! recommended!
  • e00191675
    Environment is good, especially this season flowers is for I This lazy people stay in hotel which are without to, but a is toothbrush too hard has, himself forget with toothbrush with has Xia feel teeth are to off, too hard! addition room shower of small shower quality too poor out of water is mess of, wash up is not comfortable! because you price pendulum in that on cannot blame others picky, are is normal of views, you if 2,801 late guarantee is by these phenomenon are normal has, but 1280 of pricesNature truly, again not very cold air conditioning, which is bad! other people commented on the advantages of the hotel are true!
  • roya2008
    The Yulong River, the scenery is beautiful, environment, Yangshuo, one of the best hotels
  • temler3995
    Great location, in the Dragon River, a very good environment, is the door are several graves, we are faced with bright, Super prominent wreath mother was upset.
  • devil6811
    Sanitation good! a little expensive, the Guilin rice noodles for breakfast is not good.
  • mavis-bobo
    All right
  • byaya
    Hotel environment didn't of said too good has! beyond expected of good! does can see River King! staff of attitude are is good met can active regards! night no entertainment activities is quiet for holiday! shortcomings is room of plug almost are is pine of phone charging only pulled lamp of power! bathroom of space is big but good waste Ah! on a wash pool left of table is didn't using up! sat will and shower too near toilet hold flexor
  • li9390
    The environment is good
  • ffffffffff
    It's not bad
  • fiona_365
    Environment is a great river, is the time we go to the swimming pool water too dirty, muddy, tap water was yellow, hotel bikes best with children, came here for a holiday home, after all, a lot. open bus master was so kind, helping on the last day where we opened the coach, help us stop to Guilin car!
  • mwmxy
    Hotel service processes need to be improved, Chinese restaurant dish generally